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‘Kanaani’—the highly anticipated movie from Tola Olatunji— explores the triumphs of young love, choices, and the agony of human trafficking.

Afritalent Agency partners with Tola Olatunji Films to present the red carpet screening of the Nollywood blockbuster ‘Kanaani’ in Hollywood. Tola Olatunji wrote, directed, and produced ‘Kanaani,’ which means “the promised land.” The film follows the lives of two Nigerian natives in their rural village who are in love but, due to poverty, quickly descend into the international travesty of sex and human trafficking. ‘Kanaani’ premieres at the Fine Arts Theater in Beverly Hills, CA, on April 7, 2023, at 6:30 pm with a red carpet starting at 6:00 pm.

Sam Okhade, founder and CEO of SAG franchised Afritalent Agency (the agency), is passionate about bringing diversity to Hollywood. Mr. Okhade strives to bridge the gap between Hollywood and Nollywood. He notes, “[the agency] was founded after identifying a hole in the entertainment industry. Diversity is increasingly important in today’s ever-changing social landscape. In the past few years, we’ve seen the growth of diverse content on streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon and traditional networks like CBS, ABC, and NBC steadily mirroring our multicultural society. There is a fountain of undiscovered talent in Nollywood, and it is time Hollywood takes notice.”

Afritalent Agency proudly announces its representation, marketing, and distribution partnership with Tola Olatunji Films. This partnership exemplifies Mr. Okhade’s continued goal of bringing Nollywood to Hollywood. ‘Kanaani’ highlights the plight of immigrants from sub-Saharan Africa facing difficult migration choices and the abuses and excesses they experience. ‘Kanaani’ tells this story thoughtfully and thoroughly. This fast-paced, emotional film evokes a call to action against the ugly face of global sex and human trafficking.

The cast of ‘Kanaani’ includes the highly talented Gabriel Afolayan, Ivie Olujaiye, Robb Hudspeth, Ayo Adey-Kosh, and Joseph Benjamin. Tickets for ‘Kanaani’ are available on Eventbrite, ranging from 50 dollars for general admission to 2,000 dollars for sponsorship-level tickets. A portion of the ticket sales will help support global anti-human trafficking initiatives. The film’s writer, director, and producer, Mr. Olatunji, states, “advocacy against human trafficking is a heart job… however, we can all support the cause in our little way. Sadly, this story is some people’s reality.”

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